How to Create High-Quality Vector Illustrations Using Midjourney and ChatGPT

In today's digital age, vector illustrations have become an essential part of web design, presentations, and various other platforms. They not only enhance the visual appeal but also convey complex ideas in a simple and engaging manner. If you've been on the hunt for high-quality vector illustrations, Midjourney might be your answer. Here's a guide based on insights from Chase Lean's tweet:

1. Crafting the Perfect Prompt:

The brilliance of a vector illustration is often rooted in the intricacies of the prompt. A detailed prompt ensures accuracy and relevance. Here's the refined prompt structure:

png white background, [Subject] in [Environment/Setting], animated illustrations, [Camera Angle], [Shot Framing], [Mood], text-based --style raw

2. Define the Subject:

The subject is the central element of your illustration. It's crucial to be specific about what the subject is doing to make the illustration more dynamic and engaging. Some examples include:

A woman listening to music A man giving a presentation A woman sitting at her desk with a puppy

3. Camera Angle & Shot Framing:

The camera angle and shot framing provide the perspective and focus of the illustration. Whether you're aiming for a bird's-eye view, a close-up, or a wide-angle shot, these details ensure the illustration captures the desired essence.

4. Mood & Environment/Setting:

The mood sets the emotional tone, while the environment provides context. Whether it's a cheerful mood in a study place, a serene mood in the great outdoors, or an energetic mood in an office setting, these elements bring depth to the illustration.

5. Animated Illustrations:

Animated illustrations add a layer of vibrancy and movement, making the visuals more engaging and dynamic.

6. ChatGPT

With ChatGPT, you can generate diverse and detailed prompts tailored to your needs. By providing ChatGPT with a structure and specific criteria, it can produce a variety of prompts that cater to different scenes and emotions.

Here is the prompt to use:

Generate a table that provides a comprehensive visualization guide for various subjects. Each entry should include the following columns:

Subject: A primary focal point or theme.
Camera Angle: Perspective from which the subject is shot.
Shot Framing: How much of the scene is shown in the frame.
Mood: The emotional tone or setting of the subject.
Environment/Setting: The physical surroundings or conditions in which the subject is placed.
Description: should be formatted as: "png white background, [Subject] in [Environment/Setting], animated illustrations, [Camera Angle], [Shot Framing], [Mood], text-based --style raw --stylize 100".

Provide entries that are diverse and capture a wide range of scenes and emotions, ensuring that each combination offers a unique visual appeal.

Example result

Subject Camera Angle Shot Framing Mood Environment/Setting Description
Dancer Low angle Full body Energetic Stage png white background, Dancer on Stage, animated illustrations, Low angle, Full body, Energetic, text-based --style raw
Astronomer Eye level Medium Pensive Observatory png white background, Astronomer in Observatory, animated illustrations, Eye level, Medium, Pensive, text-based --style raw
Rainforest Aerial view Wide Mystical Deep jungle png white background, Rainforest in Deep jungle, animated illustrations, Aerial view, Wide, Mystical, text-based --style raw
Guitarist Side angle Close-up Soulful Street corner png white background, Guitarist on Street corner, animated illustrations, Side angle, Close-up, Soulful, text-based --style raw
Snowy Mountains Horizon level Ultra wide Majestic Winter wilderness png white background, Snowy Mountains in Winter wilderness, animated illustrations, Horizon level, Ultra wide, Majestic, text-based --style raw
Busy Chef Over-the-shoulder Medium Frenetic Bustling kitchen png white background, Busy Chef in Bustling kitchen, animated illustrations, Over-the-shoulder, Medium, Frenetic, text-based --style raw
Sunset Low angle Wide Calm Beach png white background, Sunset at Beach, animated illustrations, Low angle, Wide, Calm, text-based --style raw
Scientist Eye level Medium shot Curious Lab png white background, Scientist in Lab, animated illustrations, Eye level, Medium shot, Curious, text-based --style raw
Waterfall Tilted angle Wide Powerful Rocky terrain png white background, Waterfall in Rocky terrain, animated illustrations, Tilted angle, Wide, Powerful, text-based --style raw
Vintage Car Low angle Full body Nostalgic Open road png white background, Vintage Car on Open road, animated illustrations, Low angle, Full body, Nostalgic, text-based --style raw

Alt text


Creating captivating vector illustrations is both an art and a science. With a comprehensive prompt and a clear vision, platforms like Midjourney can bring your creative ideas to fruition. Stay tuned for more tips and techniques to refine your illustration journey!

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