How to make your mac OSX say anything

My native language is spanish and some times I want to confirm how to pronounce something in a different language. An lately I wanted to share how to say it.

Can you say this Samantha?

# Samantha speaks english
say -v 'Samantha' 'Hello World'  

In case you want to save the audio to a file you need to add the option -o.

say 'how can I say schedule' -o schedule.aiff

The command say by default only outputs audio in .aiff format

Converting from .aiff to .mp3

I need it to convert it to mp3 to be able to share it, thats how I found `lame`` . I was able to install it using brew.

brew install lame

Now using lame I can convert from .aiff to .mp3

lame -m m schedule.aiff schedule.mp3

Victor Yoalli

This is me.