Music for devs, writing, and reading

Several tasks in my daily life require concentration, like reading, writing, and programming.

Depending on which one I´m focusing on that moment, I prefer a different genre.

For programming, I like fast-paced music, more like a video game type or probably music that you would like to hear at a rave party or a cardio class.

For reading and writing, a prefer instrumental music or music in a different language from the one I'm working on; I don't want to get distracted by my thoughts.

Some of my favorite Spotify playlists are the following:

And some of my Soundcloud playlists are:

Radio Seed Playlist

I do also have a personal playlist that I use as radio seeds; this means that the songs on this list doesn't have anything in common or probably the do, but the fact that I choose one to create a playlist of my choice depending on the mood that I am in that moment.

I will be updating this post with new music that I found around, If you have a playlist that you might want to share, please send me a DM at @victoryoalli

Victor Yoalli

This is me.