My .dotfiles

I am starting to use again after a long time my dotfiles to setup my development workstation and some of the server where I have regular access and that it would be nice to have the same tools at my disposal.

These are my dotfiles and they are a work in process all the time.

Lately I stumble upon Freek Murze dotfiles I took several I ideas from him and from Dries Vints dotfiles mainly, and browser around from other sources to customize some of my dotfiles to my own liking.

Mine are really simple in a way that I want to be able to use them for my macbook and on some ubuntu servers. The main difference between them is the way I install some of the packages that I use. As you may know for mac y use Homebrew brew and form ubuntu a regular aptcommand.

Then my dotfiles are organized this way:

  • macos: contais a brewinstall shell script that can be run in case I´m on my macbook pro.
  • shell: contains .aliases, .exports, .functions and most important .zshrcconfig file.
  • .vimrc and plugins

A lot of the commands, aliases, functions are related to Laravel Framework and to javascript development.

Victor Yoalli

This is me.