Setting up Mail BIMI Record

How to Create a BIMI Record

  1. SVG Logo Image

We need an image of your logo in SVG Format.

  1. Upload to your website

Now that you have your logo image, upload it to your site prefferably to the root directory. For example:

  1. DNS, TEXT Record

We are going to create a BIMI Text DNS Record with the information of your logo.

Go to your DNS Provider and enter the following values to create the BIMI Record. Replace with your domain and location of your logo.svg. vstands for version and l is an L lowercase and stands for location.

type: TXT


value: "v=BIMI1;l="

For this to work you need a DMARC Record with the p set to quarantine similar to the following example.

v=DMARC1; p=quarantine;; pct=50;"

I will reference HERE how to setup DMARC in the future.

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